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Unusual Experiences for Unique People

Travel Don Carmelo organizes unusual trips for unique people. We always travel in small groups and we take you to unspoiled places around the world, where we work together with local friends. Often we travel by motorbike, horse or a sailing boat.

Guided Day Excursions


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About Travel Don Carmelo

Unusual Trips for Unique People

At Travel Don Carmelo I like to keep it small and beautiful. I live and work on my farm (Finca Don Carmelo) in Andalusia, Spain. As a writer, travel journalist and guide and yoga teacher I roam the world and visit the most amazing places, far from the beaten track. I love to share these unique experiences with my guests. We always travel in small groups and I personally guide the trips, often with the help of my local friends. Sometimes we rough it (check our crossing of the Andes on horseback) and at  times we like to bathe in luxury and keep it relaxed (view the Sailing Yoga Cruise along the Turquoise Coast), but usually we combine the two (just have a look at our Horse Riding Adventure in Mexico).
Welcome to the club of unique travelers, welcome to Travel Don Carmelo. I would love to welcome you as my guest!

Jakobien (Jackie) Huisman

Travel Don Carmelo

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