Silver Route MEXICO (115)
Silver Route MEXICO (115)

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Silver Route MEXICO (172)
Silver Route MEXICO (172)

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Silver Route MEXICO (119)
Silver Route MEXICO (119)

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Silver Route MEXICO (115)
Silver Route MEXICO (115)

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This unparalleled trek takes you along colonial towns, old silver mines and majestic haciendas. It seems like you are driving the whole journey through an old western movie: we discover the beautiful nature of  safe central Mexico and get acquainted with the warm Mexican hospitality.

The legendary Silver Route in

9 days

Date: 7 December - 14 December 2022
Price: 2995 euro
Prices based on a shared room

Not included: flight to and from Guanajuato, Mexico

Day 1. Colomitos

You will be greeted at 5 pm at the designated meeting point and then transferred to a traditional Mexican rancho. Upon arrival at the ranch you will meet the rest of the crew and get details and explanations about the trek. During this meet & greet we’ll have a delicious Mexican welcome cocktail on the terrace of the ranch.

In the evening we’ll be served an extensive welcome dinner. The rancho’s chefs will prepare a typical ranchera barbecue, enlivened by Mexican music and the romantic light of the camp fire.

Day 2. Colomitos - Guanajuato

After a delicious breakfast, the horses are ready and will be distributed to the riders according to their riding level and the horse’s character. And then our adventure begins!
We’ll ride to the next ranch, a full day in the saddle riding accross rural land, to the foot of the Montecillo mountain range where we’ll climb almost 2 kilometers to an old hacienda at 2236 meters. We traverse a very diverse landscape, from semi-desert to rugged mountain ranges.
We pass the ancient ruins of mines and haciendas, nestled between the mountains, dating from the time of the Spanish colony. We cross the 'Cardo River' and here you can take a refreshing dip in the naturally filtered water from a sacred mountain: a small, naturally formed pool in the middle of the desert!
A day with incredible, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes that inevitably remind you of western movies with Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Gary Cooper. The real Mexico!

We continue our ascending road up the mountains of Montecillo, until we reach the ruins of a hacienda at an old silver mine. Here the horses stay overnight and we’ll be transferred by car to our hotel, located in the heart of the historic center of Guanajuato. On the way we’ll see 'La Presa de la Olla', a beautiful old dam, accessible via an old road built in the days when Mexico was still a Spanish colony.
Guanajuato with its beautiful colonial buildings characterised by elements of the two main cultures present in Mexico - the native and Spanish - is considered the most beautiful colonial city of Mexico.
We dine in the garden of a restaurant where every night groups of mariachi's and other musicians create a magical atmosphere and bring back the past with their traditional songs (rancheras).

Day 3. Guanajuato - Santa Rosa

After breakfast we’ll be brought back to the point where our horses are waiting for us, and we continue our adventure from the old silver mine in the direction of the city of Santa Rosa, in the heart of the central mountain range. At 2,850 meters above sea level, this is a beautiful journey along the old royal road, the Ruta de la plata, used during the Spanish colonial era - about five hundred years ago - to transport minerals, mainly gold and silver.
We pass old gold and silver mines and trot through the beautiful villages of Peñafiel, Monte San Nicolás and Peregrina with the statue of Christ on the Cerro del Cubilete mountain, which is considered the geographical center of Mexico, as our silent witness.

On arrival in the afternoon we’ll wind down with another delicious tequila on the terrace of the ranch, accompanied by traditional Mexican music. In the evening we are treated to a variety of regional dishes from the rich Mexican cuisine, which because of its unicity and tasty diversity was declared a cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Day 4. Santa Rosa - Dolores Hidalgo

After breakfast we’ll leave for a trip through the central highlands, the area with the largest biodiversity in the state of Guanajuato: on the one hand we see majestic mountains overgrown with oak forests, pines and strawberry trees... on the other side a semi-desert zone where - with a bit of luck - we’ll spot coyotes, cougars or raccoons. The sound of birdsong accompanies us until we reach our next destination: the corals of an old hacienda. Here we’ll leave our horses, as we are transported by car to our accommodation in the heart of the historic center of the city of Dolores Hidalgo.

Day 5. Dolores Hidalgo

Today we’ll have the chance to explore one of Mexico's most emblematic historical cities on horseback. Dolores Hidalgo was the cradle of Mexican Independence and it was here, during the early morning of September 16, 1810, that Padre Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla summoned the population to take up arms against the Spanish rulers and the Spanish crown. We’ll make a short tour through the historic center and visit some of the most famous buildings from Mexico's independence war.
In the afternoon you can choose: a visit to the Wine Museum, an authentic Mexican cantina or just a stroll along the shops with a variety of local products and crafts. We’ll dine in a typical and unique Mexican restaurant, located in the most prominent garden of the city.

Day 6. Dolores Hidalgo - Atotonilco

In the morning after a delicious breakfast, accompanied by a typical Mexican coffee from the pot, we continue our trail ride to the city of Atotonilco, through a cactus valley and past a historic hacienda that played a decisive role in the time of the independence war. We picnic along the way near an old chapel on the edge of a picturesque village. From here we continue to Atotonilco where we can already see from the distance the imposing walls of the eighteenth-century church, a living sanctuary - remember, Mexico is the most Catholic country in the world! - for it is still in religious use. This basilica is of inestimable architectural value and is known as the Sistine Chapel of Mexico. It consists of the main nave, the sacristy and more than 6 adjoining chapels, in addition to several changing rooms; with fantastic frescoes, richly painted altars and sculptures. This majestic sanctuary has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. After checking in at the hotel, you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the thermal spa.

Day 7. Atotonilco - San Miguel de Allende

In the morning, after a rich breakfast that will be served at the edge of the pool, we drive on to San Miguel de Allende, our final destination. We’ll ride over the same old pathways that were used two hundred years ago during the War of Independence and the Mexican Revolution. This was originally the territory of Pre-Colombian tribes, but today the habitat of coyotes, huizaches, mezquites and possums. Along the Laja river we pass indigenous religious relics, such as temples, crucifixes and chapels; silent witnesses of indigenous tribes converted by Spanish rulers.
You will enjoy this truly unique landscape of semi-desert and marsh until we arrive at the cosmopolitan Unesco protected heritage town of San Miguel de Allende, wich is the final destination of our trail ride.

Day 8. San Miguel de Allende

It is time to say goodbye to our horses. Today we explore San Miguel de Allende on foot and visit some of the most beautiful sites of this magical and mythical city founded in 1542 by the Spaniards and characterised by rich, ancient traditions and popular festivals. The beautiful buildings in the center are all unique examples of Mexican baroque. The historic center of San Miguel was declared a Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. It is a beloved, romantic destination for foreign tourists. San Miguel is also an artistic stronghold and it is a pleasure to visit the many sophisticated boutiques where you will find a wide array of products from local craftsmen and women. You stay here in a centrally located hotel within walking distance of all highlights, museums, restaurants, bars, etc.
In the afternoon we conclude the trail ride with a farewell cocktail.