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A journey in time, along the traces left by the Moors in Al-Andalus

The Moorish Trail

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6 days - 5 nights
Price pp: 890 euros
Maximum number of participants: 7

Let us take you to villages and towns in the beautiful Axarquía region where the Moors left their distinctive mark. In architecture, but also in agriculture, culture, language and daily customs. A fascinating journey of discovery of the legacy of the Moors, an amalgam of different Arab tribes who made their home in Al-Andalus during almost 800 years.
We visit Comares, Alfarnate and Alhama, where we can still appreciate visible traces of Moorish rule, from 711 to 1491 (780 years).
To give you an idea of ​​the length and thus the enormous impact of this episode: the Moors have been in Andalucía for 780 years and were (only) driven out 528 years ago!
It is therefore fascinating to see how that vast Moorish period of domination is still visible in the villages and towns of our Axarquiá region and in the language. Axarquía is an Arabic word meaning ‘east of the city’, in this case the city of Málaga). The farmers in the Andalusian villages still use the acequias, the irrigation canals built by the Moors, and many churches in the Andalusian towns used  bo be mosques, their bell towers repurposed minarets. Andalucía is steeped in Moorish heritage and we invite you to come along with us on a fascinating discovery tour along the most extraordinary silent witnesses of 780 years of Moorish rule.

Specifics of this trip:
- 6 days - 5 nights
Transfers from and to the airport in Málaga. Pick up at 10 am at the airport of Málaga or 10.30 am at Plaza de la Merced in Málaga.

Comfortable and charming hotels
Personal guidance
Comfortable minibus
Small group: max 7 participants

Price: 890 euros per person. All overnight stays, breakfasts, lunches, journey guided by Alain and Jakobien, transfers by minibus. Dinners are not included. Single supplement: 125 euros. The program can be subject to slight adjustments depending the always changing opening times in Spain.



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